Celebrating my mother’s artistic talent

This is a web exhibition about my mother’s life and Artistic/Creative talent in America 1908 – 2009.  The exhibition is made up of stories and photographs from her particular life and, as she made most of her clothes and ours through the 1950’s, many of the pictures show her talent for Fashion in this way.
My mother was an extremely charming woman with a great sense of humor that her children cherish.  She held an uncommonly “youthful appearance” that stayed with her all her life.  She was a very very passive human being and talked very little about herself.  I did not retain a great deal of what my mother told me about herself……

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Some of what I am going to say is conjecture based on what I was able to write down and remember of my discussions with her over the 66 years that I knew her.  The rest is from the written memories of her favorite sister Polly Winkler.

But, I am left with this wish to celebrate my mother’s life and artistic talent and how she used it.  In so doing, I put her to rest in peace, after her death at the age of 100 1/2 years in 2009.






8 thoughts on “Celebrating my mother’s artistic talent

  1. I was googling my mother-in-law’s name for some reason, and found this site. How beautiful! My mother is Lillian Greenhut. She is 93 and still lives in West Bloomfield, MI. She will love to hear this memory of Fritzies! Please do look her up and contact her. She would love to be in touch, I’m sure. She has wonderful photos from her childhood, and I suspect she may have one of these as well, possibly.
    Much love to all,
    Nancy Cronk (married to Saul Greenhut)

  2. Lesley – this is a real testament of love to your mother Fritzie, whom I knew briefly, in a short visit to you in Chicago. It makes me want to do something similar to honor the memory of my beloved mother, who died a year ago. Thank you! Judy in Ecuador

  3. Wow! That is quite a project!
    A name from my sordid past…. How are, my dear?
    Your site is so full of love to your mother! And this idea of keeping her memory and telents is so new to me. I’ve read and reread the information and looked at the pictures. It is like traveling through a time tunnel.
    Keep in touch, lovely to hear from you,

    Your friend from Ashkelon,


  4. Lesly, I found out little about your mother other than that she was a very talented person. There is much about your life and maybe you should expand it into an autobiography. Thanks for sharing. Anne
    P.S. you look a lot like your mother. She was a very attractive lady.

    • Hi! Anne,
      Thank you for the comment.
      I have a feeling that you did not try clicking on the link to the left “THE STORY: per the story tellers…..”.
      You would have found tons of details about my mother’s life there…. But I will not be upset, if you do not try again.
      All the BEST, Lesley

  5. I’m eager to hear more. I’ll also struck with how much your mother looks like you in certain photos, same expression, everything, but not at all in others.

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